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Why should I attend a Small Business workshop?

We learn more from our peers than preachers! Small business workshops help you get together with likeminded fellow business owners who can brainstorm and exchange ideas. And this is just a side! The focus of the workshops is for our strategy experts to help you create a strategic roadmap – a plan with specific steps, actions and timeframes to take your business forward, spanning from a few weeks to a full year and beyond.

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You will get support along the way to make sure your business get the attention and results it deserves. Working by yourself or with a small team within your business often tends to be a lonely uphill journey. A small business workshop is a perfect way to connect with other entrepreneurs to create a support network that we facilitate for you. And what’s more, these workshops are really focussed and don’t have tens of people in the room.

We do not believe in a one size fits all. We like small focus groups, so you get a chance to connect really well with each of the entrepreneurs in the room and build a lasting business relationship. So the number of spots per workshop are limited to 8 -10 participants, so each of you gets personal attention and guidance from our coaches, gets time to contribute, ask questions, discuss and most importantly, connect and build relationships with every member in the room.

And if you are looking for one more reason to top it all, these workshops also include a meeting before the workshop to prepare you, as well as a follow up meeting to make sure we help you get actions underway! Read on to find out more.

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What will I actually get from these workshops?

Pre-work and meeting prior to the workshops that allow you to fully understand and prepare yourself for the workshop, so you can get the most of your day. This also includes listing our your business issues that would benefit from a discussion, as well as you thinking about assigned issues for another business as to what you could potentially do to change it for them. The idea is to not just solve the issue but help you, with pointers from our experts, think outside the box and give it a fresh perspective.

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To make sure you get the most out of your strategy day with your fellow entrepreneurs, these workshops are designed to
– Simplify overall business Strategy
– Identify where your business currently is
– Brainstorm and cross-pollinate innovative ideas to address issues and come up with solutions to take your business to next level
– Identify specific targets for where your business wants to be
– How you will get there / layout the plan to get there
– Agree on action items, time frames and accountabilities and through the process
– ensure understanding, buy-in and commitment to make it happen and also have some fun along the way!
Follow up briefing and meetings are crucial to ensure that the action plan is being bought-into and executed. To ensure this, we also meet with you, after the workshop. This meeting includes a follow up discussion, check-in on the actions and new areas that might have come to light after the workshop and finally a reaffirmation of next steps.

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How long do these workshops go for?

We understand time is your most valuable resource and is limited. But we also appreciate that having to do business strategy and planning could be a chore to do in isolation. The good news is, you can do this in limited time – these workshops only run for a day. We cover a lot of ground and equipped with your pre-work and follow-up actions, you will not only have a very productive day that your business will be grateful for – you will also have fun along the way sharing this experience with your fellow business owners in the room and building some lasting and valuable relationships.

Is this right for my business?

If you are a Micro Business owner – a healthcare professional, a tradesman, a lawyer, an accountant, a designer, an IT professional, an architect or someone who owns and manages your own business with or without a small team, these workshops are an ideal fit for your business. The workshop participation is limited to a very small power group of less than 10-12 people. The group will generate a strategy for each of their businesses, develop an implementation and action plan for the upcoming year, brainstorm ideas to troubleshoot business issues and benefit from the cross-pollination of ideas, issues, solutions and strategies across industries. If you are looking to set a strategy and plan for the future of your small business, learn from our strategy experts as well as fellow business owners that would like to make a difference to how you think about and manage your business,contact us today so we can tell you more about these workshops and register your interested for the next small business workshop.

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