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Information and help is out there - Then why do some businesses succeed while others don’t ? The difference is a well-informed advisor on your side.
We provide specific advice and work with you so your start-up can shoot-up!

Whether it is an idea to change the world idea or simply starting your own practice - want your idea to really take-off and not become a start-up statistic? Let’s help you transform your brilliant idea into a viable business.
Here are some areas we could help you with.

Turning an idea into a viable model – Robust Business plan

So what’s the plan for your business? Start-ups have ideas and passion, but planning is not quite top of the list because it feels like a tick in the box but nothing more. We take a different approach.

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If you don’t find business planning useful, it is a waste of time. So we ensure that you find every bit of it useful. Sure enough, planning doesn’t assure success, but in most cases, lack of planning does assure failure. A business plan is more than a bunch of numbers. It is your business idea taking the shape of a full-fledged business, on paper. Does your business plan address not only your financials but also your marketing plan, your legal structure, other regulatory aspects and everything you need to organise before you start your business? Once you have this blue print, you can focus on moving ahead full throttle, instead of having to look in behind or brace for the unknown. But planning doesn’t mean boiling the ocean either! Get in touch with us so we can make Business Planning easy and fun for you without making it a scenario planning tick in the box exercise.

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Understanding your finances – Cash Flow, Expenses, Revenue

Running out of cash is one of the top reasons why start-ups fail. But with good financial management, business planning and knowing and setting your business milestones, this can be avoided.

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The approach to sound financial planning is multi-fold. Setting consistent realistic revenue targets, having a strategy to achieve these and most importantly, implementing the strategy is key. On the other hand, monitoring your expenses and keeping them under control is key. Cash flows are the point where reality strikes most small businesses; expenses seem to go out of control and the revenue, while its growing, still doesn’t seem to make ends meet. All of this can be avoided if you understood your finances and made it your ally. We use really simple models to educate and help you not only understand but also manage your business performance using finance as the scorecard. If you are a start-up with aspirations of making it to the top but are not quite comfortable with your finances Get in touch with us, so we can help you understand, achieve and actually start to like your numbers!

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Competitive Product pricing and growing profitability

Do you really know your customers? Have you defined your market? Has your product been externally reviewed to confirm it is the right product for the market? Your unique selling point is core to setting your product or service apart.

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Why do your customers buy your product or service? What other products are competing with the same consumer budget and creating indirect competition? Surprising as it may appear, a game console and a bowling alley may both be competing in the same category of consumer budget labelled ‘entertainment’. Competitive pricing is a result of robust costing analysis as well as market matching. While your product may be priced correctly, there may be other products competing in the same category that are consuming the budget. We help you understand direct and indirect competition types, pricing in these scenarios and creating the necessary differentiation that sets your service ahead of the competing products. Get in touch with us to understand more about how our marketing strategy can help you understand, analyse and make competition irrelevant.

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Putting in processes to help prioritise competing demands

You know that spending time working on business planning is important but attending to the list of tasks for the day takes precedence; Being a small business owner, you don’t want to lose control of the day to day, but focussing on the big picture is crucial too.

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So how do you manage competing demands? We do believe that there has to be a method to the madness! Putting processes in place to prioritise is one of the key methodologies we help our clients with. The results that you can get, by simply deciding on what needs to be done when and by who, makes a huge difference to how you run your business. But this is easier said than done. Get in touch with us to find out more about how we help clients prioritise demands so they can achieve the first thing on their list i.e. ‘Getting everything done’!

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Achieving Revenue targets – Client attraction and retention

Do you know if the cost of acquiring your customers is higher you’re your ability to monetise these customers? Start-ups can be very optimistic about the ability to attract and retain clients, sometimes to their detriment.

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The first set of clients may flow through because the initial launch or novelty but soon, the curve starts to flatten and revenue starts to drop. We work with you to ‘revisit the optimism’ and create a lead generation and client retention strategy to keep those cash-flows and revenue targets on track. Do you have the market research to back your assumptions about why the clients will buy your offering? Does your marketing strategy consider educating your prospects and enhancing your presence? Do you know who your ideal client is – do you have a client profile that makes it easy to identify and target your marketing? We don’t provide a magic bullet to bite, but we give you good homework that translates into solid strategy and we ensure that you follow through the strategy. Get in touch with us, to build a marketing strategy that will take you well beyond just your initial market launch, and put you on track to achieving revenue targets.

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Shift the focus from working as a technician to being an entrepreneur

Most businesses do not set out to ‘build the best business model’, instead they set out to ‘build the best product or provide the best service’. There lies the glaring difference between a technician/expert vs an entrepreneur.

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While the technician/expert can afford to be focussed on building the best product, you, the entrepreneur, needs to focus on ‘building the business as a whole’. This focus is what we bring you. We help you shift the focus from one element of your business, to the whole enterprise, by using simple yet powerful strategies and tools. The result is rewarding in many ways, profitability being just one of these. If you are an entrepreneur who is keen on not getting bogged down and tired of running your business, Get in touch with us, to make the task of managing an enterprise even more interesting than just your product or service.

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Transitioning from previous occupation to new business

The biggest challenge is getting past the financial stability that a job provides, or so you believe! As you set off down the road of entrepreneurship, you realise it’s a tough and lonely ride, direction and destination are both unclear and its overwhelming at the very least.

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We help you work on the mindset, because what sets entrepreneurs apart from employees is not the financial stability or the freedom of being your own boss – it’s the mindset. Let’s face it, not all of us are born entrepreneurs. But it is the mindset of whether you want to be one, that makes the difference. We have been through the transition ourselves and as your trusted advisor we will be honest with you about this transition. It is a tough ride and we believe in making you strong enough to not only lead but also enjoy the ride. If you are starting to feel the ‘entrepreneur syndrome’ Get in touch with us so we can work together to making your transition an adventure that you will enjoy.

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Building Leadership abilities and team management

Engagement and motivation rank higher in order than pay rise, when it comes to attracting, retaining and ensuring that your key personnel are as passionate about your business idea and growth, as you are.

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Developing team engagement, leadership and talent retention and management are key areas of focus when it comes to Human capital management. On-boarding staff with right skills can be a challenge, which is why we help you build a proper case on whether or not it makes sense to recruit staff. We also help you understand what skills would complement and match your requirements and how to on-board and motivate your staff, not just by pay rises, rather through accountability and responsibility. Get in touch with us to discuss your aspirations about building your dream team and providing good leadership to the team.

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Your Journey?

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